Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 41 Number 3 - September 2017

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Short reports

How much does tuberculosis cost? An Australian healthcare perspective analysis

EC Chan, A Nolan, JT Denholm

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Prevention of perinatal hepatitis B virus transmission: are we following guidelines?

Peter G Markey, Helena A White, Alexander T Matthews, Charles R Strebor, Vicki Krause

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National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee Guideline: Management of Tuberculosis Risk in Healthcare Workers in Australia

Justin Waring and the National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee

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National position statement for the management of latent tuberculosis infection

David Stock and the National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee (NTAC)

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Original Articles

Tuberculosis screening in an aged care residential facility in a low-incidence setting

Nompilo Moyo, James Trauer, Peter Trevan, Ann-Marie Baker, Joseph Musemburi, Kerry McGrath, Aine Nolan, Eamon McIntyre, Jane Hulls, Justin T. Denholm

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Sexually Transmitted Infections in Melbourne, Australia from 1918 to 2016: nearly a century of data

Emile Jasek, Eric PF Chow, Jason J Ong, Catriona S Bradshaw, Marcus Y Chen, Jane S Hocking , David Lee, Tiffany Phillips, Meredith Temple-Smith, Glenda Fehler, Christopher K Fairley

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The effects of culture independent diagnostic testing on the diagnosis and reporting of enteric bacterial pathogens in Queensland, 2010 to 2014

Fiona J May, Russell J Stafford, Heidi Carroll, Jennifer MB Robson, Renu Vohra, Graeme R Nimmo, John Bates, Martyn D Kirk, Emily J Fearnley and Benjamin G Polkinghorne

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The epidemiology of tuberculosis in the Australia Capital Territory, 2006-2015

Belinda Jones, Vanessa Johnston, Ranil Appuhamy, Marlena Kaczmarek, Mark Hurwitz

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Quarterly reports

Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme, 1 April to 30 June 2017

Monica M Lahra and Rodney Enriquez

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Annual reports

Tuberculosis notifications in Australia, 2014

Cindy Toms, Richard Stapledon, Chris Coulter, Paul Douglas and the National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee, for the Communicable Diseases Network Australia, and the Australian Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory Network

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Surveillance of adverse events following immunisation in Australia, 2015

Aditi Dey, Han Wang, Helen Quinn,Jane Cook, Kristine Macartney

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Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS) annual report 2015: Prospective hospital-based surveillance for serious paediatric conditions

McRae J, Quinn HE, and Macartney K on behalf of the PAEDS network

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Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit Annual Report, 2016

Marie Deverell, Amy Phu, Yvonne Zurynski, Elizabeth Elliott, and all chief investigators of APSU surveillance studies

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