2009 Index to Communicable Diseases Intelligence

This page contains an index of articles that were published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence during 2009, by author and subject.

Page last updated: 22 February 2010

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Adverse events following immunisation

Antimicrobial resistance

Arbovirus infection

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian Group for Antimicrobial Resistance

Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian National Poliovirus Reference Laboratory

Australian Rotavirus Surveillance Group (see Kirkwood CD); 382

Australian Rotavirus Surveillance Program

Australian Sentinel Practice Research Network

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Barnes GL (see Kirkwood CD); 382

Barr IG (see Grant KA); 328

Barry C et al

Bastian I (see Lumb R); 298

Bell JM (see Coombs GW); 10

Bell KM (see Slinko VG); 419

Bell RJ (see Slinko VG); 419

Belshaw DA et al

Birch CJ (see Russell JS); 216

Bishop RF (see Kirkwood CD); 382

Boniface K (see Kirkwood CD); 382

Booy R (see Lester-Smith D); 209

Boyd A (see Klug GM); 188

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Campbell BA (see Roberts-Witteveen); 49

Campbell-Lloyd S (see Sheppeard V); 21

Campbell SJ et al

Carlson SJ et al

Carlson SJ (see Dalton CB); 316

Carolan LA (see Russell JS); 216

Carter R (see Lumb R); 298

Carville K (see Grant KA); 328

Chibo D (see Russell JS); 216

Christiansen KJ (see Coombs GW); 10

Collignon PJ (see Coombs GW); 10

Collins SJ (see Klug GM); 188

Communicable Diseases Intelligence

Communicable diseases surveillance

Coombs GW et al

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

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Dalton CB et al

Dalton CB (see Carlson SJ); 323

Dalton CB (see Huppatz C); 192

Deeks S (see Hull B); 170


d’Espaignet ET (see Carlson SJ); 323

d’Espaignet ET (see Dalton CB); 316

Durrheim DN (see Carlson SJ); 323

Durrheim DN (see Dalton CB); 316

Durrheim DN (see Huppatz C); 192

Durrheim DN (see Massey PD); 41

Durrheim DN (see Osbourn M); 38

Durrheim DN (see Roberts-Witteveen AR); 49

Dwyer DE (see Osbourn M); 38

Dwyer DE (see Sheppeard V); 21

Dyda A et al

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Ehlers GJM (see Hanna JN); 198

Elliott EJ (see Lester-Smith D); 209


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Fejsa J (see Carlson SJ); 323

Fejsa J (see Dalton CB); 316

Ferson MJ (see Belshaw DA); 337

Ferson MJ (see Sheppeard V); 21

Festa MS (see Lester-Smith D); 209

Fielding JE (see Grant KA); 328

Fitzsimmons GJ et al


Forssman B (see Sheppeard V); 21

Fotis K (see Tellis B); 275

Foxwell AR (see Martin N and Foxwell AR); 225

Francis JL (see Carlson SJ); 323

Francis JL (see Dalton CB); 316

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Gibbons D (see Jardine A); 221

Gold MS (see Menzies R); 365

Gooey ML (see Russell JS); 216

Grant KA et al

Grant KA (see Roberts JA); 291

Gregory JE (see Rowe SL); 46

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Hanna, JN and Ritchie SA

Hanna JN et al

Hepatitis A

Hiley LA (see Slinko VG); 419



Hull B et al

Human metapneumovirus infection

Humphreys JL (see Hanna JN); 198

Hundy R (see Dyda A); 414

Huppatz C et al

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Ibrahim A (see Roberts JA); 291



Irwin M (see Massey PD); 41

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Jardine A et al

Jelfs P (see Lumb R); 298

Johansen CA (see Fitzsimmons GJ); 155

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Kaye MB (see Russell JS); 216

Keeffe JE (see Tellis B); 275

Keehner T (see Lumb R); 298

Kelly HA (see Grant KA); 328

Kelly PM (see Huppatz C); 192

Kesson AM (see Lester-Smith D); 209

Kirkwood CD et al

Klug GM et al

Konstantinos A (see Barry C et al); 304

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Laboratory Virology and Serology Reporting Scheme

Lambert SB (see Campbell SJ); 204

Lawrence GL et al

Lawrence GL (see Menzies R); 365

Lester-Smith D et al

Levi C (see Huppatz C); 192

Lewis V (see Klug GM); 188

Lumb R et al

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Mahajan D (see Lawrence GL); 27

Mahajan D (see Menzies R); 365

Martin N and Foxwell AR

Massey PD et al

Massey PD (see Roberts-Witteveen); 49

Masters CL (see Klug GM); 188

McAnulty JM (see Sheppeard V); 21

McCall BJ (see Slinko VG); 419

McGlade A (see Klug GM); 188

McIntyre P (see Hull B); 170

McIntyre P (see Menzies R); 365

McLaws M (see Coombs GW); 10

McPhie KA (see Osbourn M); 38


Meningococcal infection

Menzies R et al

Menzies R (see Hull B); 170

Merritt TD (see Roberts-Witteveen); 49

Moffatt CRM (see Dyda A); 414

Montgomery BL (see Hanna JN); 198

Moreira C (see Sheppeard V); 21

Muscatello DJ (see Belshaw DA); 337

Muscatello DJ (see Carlson SJ); 323

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National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee (see Fitzsimmons GJ); 155

National Enteric Pathogens Surveillance System

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee (see Barry C et al); 304

Nicolls JA (see Russell JS); 216

Nimmo GR (see Coombs GW); 10

Nissen MD (see Campbell SJ); 204

NNDSS Annual Report Writing Group

Nurkic A (see Belshaw DA); 337

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Osbourn M et al


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Papadakis A (see Russell JS); 216

Pearson JC (see Coombs GW); 10



Polychronopoulos S (see Roberts JA); 291

Pyke AT (see Hanna JN); 198

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Q fever

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Ratnamohan VM (see Osbourn M); 38

Richards AR (see Hanna JN); 198

Riddell MA (see Grant KA); 328

Ritchie SA (see Hanna JN); 32, 34, 198

Roberts JA et al

Roberts-Witteveen AR et al

Roomiani I (see Lawrence GL); 27

Roomiani I (see Menzies R); 365


Rowe, SL et al

Russell JS et al

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Sandberg SM (see Slinko VG); 419

Shadbolt CT (see Roberts-Witteveen); 49

Sheppeard V et al

Sheppeard V (see Jardine A); 221

Sievers A (see Lumb R); 298

Slinko VG et al

Stafford RJ (see Slinko VG); 419

Staphylococcus aureus

Stehmann C (see Klug GM); 188

Surveillance Branch, Office of Health Protection

Surveillance systems reported in CDI, 2009; 80

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Tanner K (see Rowe SL); 46

Taylor CT (see Hanna JN); 198

Taylor HR (see Tellis B); 275

Tellis B et al

Thomas J (see Jardine A); 221

Thorley BR (see Roberts JA); 291


Tran T (see Grant KA); 328

Truman G (see Jardine A); 221


Tuyl FA (see Carlson SJ); 323

Tuyl FA (see Dalton CB); 316

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Whelan PI (see Fitzsimmons GJ); 155

White SA (see Slinko VG); 419

Williams D (see Huppatz C); 192

Wright P (see Fitzsimmons GJ); 155

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Yoon YK (see Roberts JA); 291

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Zurynski YA (see Lester-Smith D); 209

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