2013 Index to Communicable Diseases Intelligence, Volume 37

This page contains an index of articles that were published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence during 2013, by author and subject.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination coverage in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, 2006–2010, Naidu Latika et al; S1


  • See HIV and AIDS surveillance

Aitken, Thomas (see Roberts, Jason et al); E97, E105

Annual reports

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Antimicrobial resistance

Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee

Arbovirus infection

Australian childhood immunisation coverage

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme

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Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory Network

Australian National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Registry

Australian National Enterovirus Reference Laboratory

Australian National Poliovirus Reference Laboratory

  • See Australian National Enterovirus Reference Laboratory

Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit

Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network

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Bachelor, Michael (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156

Bacille Calmette Guérin

Baggoley, Chris et al

Bareja, Christina

Bastian, Ivan (see Lumb, Richard et al); E40

Bates, John (see Pillsbury, Alexis et al); E144

Bell, Jan M (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E199, E210

Bell, Jan M (see Turnidge, John D et al); E219

Belshaw, Daniel A (see Flego, Kristina L et al); E240


Blakeley, Daniel (see Chilver, Monique et al); E90, E439

Bowler, Simon D (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Boyd, Alison (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

Brotherton, Julia M (see Hull, Brynley P et al); E291

Brown, Simon G (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Bryant, Vicki (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156

Butler, Michelle T (see Carlson, Sandra J et al); E398

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Campbell-Lloyd, Sue (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156


  • See OzFoodNet

Carlson, Sandra J et al

Carroll, Heidi J (see Fagan, Patricia S et al); E253

Carter, Robyn (see Lumb, Richard et al); E40

Case definitions

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Cheng, Allen C et al

Chiew, May (see Pillsbury, Alexis et al); E144

Chikungunya virus

Childhood immunisation coverage

  • See Australian childhood immunisation coverage

Chilver, Monique et al

Chiu, Clayton (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

Chlamydial infection

revised case definition; E189

Chlamydia trachomatis

  • See Trachoma

Christiansen, Keryn J (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E210

Christiansen, Keryn (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E199

Ciguatera fish poisoning

  • See OzFoodNet

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  • See Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Clostridium perfringens

  • See OzFoodNet

Collignon, Peter J (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E210

Collins, Steven J (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

Communicable Diseases Intelligence

Cook, Jane (see Mahajan, Deepika et al); E130

Coombs, Geoffrey W et al

Coombs, Geoffrey W (see Turnidge, John D et al); E219

Cowling, Carleigh S et al

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

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Dalton, Craig B (see Carlson, Sandra J et al); E398

de Kluyver, Rachel


Deverell, Marie et al; E394

Dey, Aditi (see Hull, Brynley P et al); E21, E291

Dey, Aditi (see Mahajan, Deepika et al); E130


Doggett, Stephen (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

Downing, Sandra G (see Fagan, Patricia S et al); E253

Durrheim, David N (see Carlson, Sandra J et al); E398

Durrheim, David N (see Paterson, Beverley J et al); E149

Dwyer, Dominic E (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

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Elliott, Elizabeth (see Deverell, Marie et al; E394)

Elvidge, Elissa (see Carlson, Sandra J et al); E398

Enriquez, Rodney P (see Lahra, Monica M et al); E179, E224, E282


  • See Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

Enterococcus surveillance

Escherichia coli

  • See Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance; OzFoodNet

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Faddy, Helen (see Viennet, Elvina et al); E136

Fagan, Patricia S et al

Fejsa, John (see Carlson, Sandra J et al); E398

Flego, Kristina L et al

Impacts of a measles outbreak in western Sydney on public health resources; E240


  • See Influenza


  • See Influenza Complications Alert Network

Flutracking weekly online survey

Foodborne disease

Food poisoning

  • See Foodborne disease

Friedman, Nadia Deborah (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

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See Foodborne disease

Gearside, Emily et al

George, Narelle (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E199

Giele, Carolein (see Knope, Katrina et al); E55

Gonococcal infection

  • See Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme


Gottlieb, Thomas (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E199

Gottlieb, Thomas (see Turnidge, John D et al); E219

Gram-negative pathogens


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Habig, Andrew (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

Harley, David (see Viennet, Elvina et al); E136

Harrison, Rosalind (see Turnbull, Alison et al); E52

Hepatitis E

Hewagama, Saliya (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

HIV and AIDS surveillance

Hobby, Michaela (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

Hobday, Linda (see Roberts, Jason et al); E97, E105

Holmes, Mark (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Howard, Therese M (see Fagan, Patricia S et al); E253

Hull, Brynley P

Hull, Brynley P et al

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Ibrahim, Aaliya (see Baggoley, Chris et al); E197

Ibrahim, Aishah (see Roberts, Jason et al); E97, E105


Immunisation coverage

See also Australian childhood immunisation coverage


Influenza Complications Alert Network

Invasive pneumococcal disease

Irving, Louis B (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

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Jayasinghe, Sanjay (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

Jelfs, Peter (see Lumb, Richard et al); E40

Johansen, Cheryl (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

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Kaldor, John M (see Cowling, Carleigh S et al); E121

Keehner, Terillee (see Lumb, Richard et al); E40

Kelly, Paul M (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246


  • See Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

Klug, Genevieve M et al

Knope, Katrina et al

Knope, Katrina (see Viennet, Elvina et al); E136

Korman, Tony M (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Kotsimbos, Tom (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Kurucz, Nina (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

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Lahra, Monica M et al

Listeria monocytogenes

  • See OzFoodNet

Liu, Bette C (see Cowling, Carleigh S et al); E121

Lowbridge, Christopher (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

Lumb, Richard et al

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Macartney, Kristine (see Mahajan, Deepika et al); E130

MacIntyre, C Raina (see Wozniak, Teresa M et al); E407

Mahajan, Deepika et al

Management outcomes

Masters, Colin L (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

McCall, Bradley J (see Fagan, Patricia S et al); E253

McDonald, Ann

McIntyre, Peter B (see Hull, Brynley P et al); E21, E291

McIntyre, Peter B (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

McIntyre, Peter B (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156, E168

McKeown, Scott (see Turnbull, Alison et al); E52

McLaws, Mary-Louise (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E210

McLean, Catriona (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

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Meningococcal infection

  • See Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme

Menzies, Robert I (see Hull, Brynley P et al); E21, E291

Menzies, Robert I (see Mahajan, Deepika et al); E130

Menzies, Robert I (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

Menzies, Robert I (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E168

Micalizzi, Gino

Mitchell, David H (see Turnidge, John D et al); E219

Moore, Helen A (see Wozniak, Teresa M et al); E407

Moran, Rod (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

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Naidu, Latika et al

National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee

National Certification Committee for Poliomyelitis Eradication (see Paterson, Beverley J et al); E149

National Influenza Surveillance Scheme

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

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National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee

National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee (see Gearside, Emily et al); E187

Neisseria gonorrhoeae

  • See Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme

Neisseria menigitidis

  • See Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme

Newbound, Angela (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156

Nicholson, Jay (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

Nimmo, Graeme R (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E210

NNDSS Annual Report Working Group


  • See OzFoodNet

Northern Hemisphere

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Overseas travel


OzFoodNet Working Group

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Palmer, Cheryn M (see Fagan, Patricia S et al); E253

Paterson, Beverley J et al

Pearson, Julie C (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E199, E210

Pearson, Julie C (see Turnidge, John D et al); E219

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Pillsbury, Alexis et al

Pneumococcal disease


Poliomyelitis (paralytic infection)

Poliovirus (non-paralytic) infection

revised case definition; E415

Public health resources

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Quarterly reports


Quinn, Helen (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156, E168

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Roberts, Jason et al

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Salmonella Typhimurium

  • See OzFoodNet

Scombroid poisoning

  • See OzFoodNet

Scully, Megan (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156

Seafood poisoning

Senenayake, Sanjaya (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

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Sentinel Chicken Surveillance Programme

Sexually transmissible infections

Sheppeard, Vicky (see Flego, Kristina L et al); E240

Sheppeard, Vicky (see Pillsbury, Alexis et al); E144

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli

  • See  OzFoodNet

Sievers, Aina (see Lumb, Richard et al); E40

Simpson, Graham (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Simpson, Marion (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

Sly, Angus (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

Smith, David (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

Snelling, Tom L (see Cowling, Carleigh S et al); E121

Staphylococcus aureus

Stehmann, Christiane (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

Surveillance summaries

Surveillance systems reported in CDI, 2013; E60

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Thorley, Bruce (see Roberts, Jason et al); E97, E105



Turnbull, Alison et al

Turnidge, John D et al

Turnidge, John D (see Coombs, Geoffrey W et al); E199, E210

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Upham, John W (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

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Vaccination coverage

Vaccine effectiveness

Vaccine preventable diseases


Viennet, Elvina et al

Viral haemorrhagic fever

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Wang, Han (see Naidu, Latika et al); S1

Ward, James S (see Cowling, Carleigh S et al); E121

Ward, Kirsten et al

Wark, Peter A (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Waterer, Grant W (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Webby, Rosalind (see Ward, Kirsten et al); E156

Weston, Kathryn M (see Flego, Kristina L et al); E240

Whelan, Peter (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

Williams, Craig (see Viennet, Elvina et al); E136

Wilson, David P (see Cowling, Carleigh S et al); E121

Wood-Baker, Richard (see Cheng, Allen C et al); E246

Wozniak, Teresa M et al

Epidemiology of sexually transmissible infections in New South Wales: are case notifications enough?; E407

Wright, Phil (see Knope, Katrina et al); E1

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Zhao, Teresa (see Klug, Genevieve M et al); E115

Zurynski, Yvonne (see Deverell, Marie et al; E394)

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