Falling over can cause serious injury when you are older. Falls can have lasting effects on how you get around and care for yourself. Falls can also lead to a loss of confidence.

Preventing falls is better than treating them. You can avoid falls by:

  • doing special exercises that improve strength or balance (ask your doctor who may refer you to a special program or a physiotherapist)
  • making sure your environment is safe (eg with good lighting and a nonslip floor)
  • having your doctor or pharmacist review your medications if you sometimes feel unsteady, sleepy during the day, or dizzy
  • using walking frames or other aids.

If you are worried about falling and not being able to get help, talk to your health care team about getting a personal response system (an alert pendant). This pendant can be worn around your neck and has a button to press if you need help.

Contact the Council on the Ageing for information about the ‘Living Longer Living Stronger’ program — an exercise program for older people.
For more information please visit cota website
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