Continence is the ability to control bladder or bowel function. Incontinence is the loss of this ability. It is sometimes treatable (eg with prescribed medication or exercises). Ask your doctor or nurse. Continence specialists may also be available through the health care team.

If you have problems with incontinence, you can use aids, such as special bed linen and protective pads, to minimise distress, embarrassment and inconvenience.

Advice for carers

There is assistance available to help with the cost of continence aids.

See the phone number below.

Special strategies can help people who have dementia if they have trouble finding the toilet; for example, you could try putting stickers of footsteps on the floor to make a pathway leading to the toilet. Much more information is available from the National Dementia Helpline.

National Continence Helpline
Telephone: 1800 330 066

Continence Aids Payment Scheme
This scheme can help with the cost of continence aids.
Telephone: Call the National Continence Helpline (see above)
For more information please visit Bladder Bowel website.

National Dementia Helpline
Telephone: 1800 100 500