Anti-match-fixing policy template

3. Prohibited Conduct

Page last updated: 01 August 2016

The below Prohibited Conduct represents the minimum standard expected of sporting organisations. The Sport may in its discretion and subject to law, prohibit such other conduct it deems appropriate. For example, prohibiting the use of mobile telephones by Relevant Persons during an Event.

  1. A Relevant Person to whom this Policy applies must not directly or indirectly, alone or in conjunction with another or others breach this Policy or the Sport’s Code of Conduct by:
    1. betting, gambling or entering into any other form of financial speculation on any Competition or on any Event connected with the Sport, or
    2. participating (whether by act or omission) in Match-Fixing by:
      1. Deliberately underperforming or ‘tanking’ as part of an arrangement relating to betting on the outcome of any contingency within a Competition or Event.
      2. Deliberately fixing, or exerting any undue influence on, any occurrence within any Competition or Event as part of an arrangement relating to betting on the outcome of any contingency within a Competition or Event.
      3. Inducing or encouraging any Relevant Person to deliberately underperform as part of an arrangement relating to betting on the outcome of any Competition or Event.
      4. Providing Inside Information that is considered to be information not publicly known such as Team or its members configuration (including, without limitation, the Team’s actual or likely composition, the form of individual athlete or tactics) other than in connection with bona fide media interviews and commitment.
      5. Ensuring that a particular incident, that is the subject of a bet, occurs.
      6. Providing or receiving any gift, payment or benefit that might reasonably be expected to bring the Relevant Person or the Sport into disrepute.
      7. Engaging in conduct that relates directly or indirectly to any of the conduct described in clauses 3 a. ii. A. to F. above and is prejudicial to the interests of the Sport or which bring a Relevant Person or the Sport into disrepute.
  2. Any attempt or any agreement to act in a manner that would culminate in Prohibited Conduct shall be treated as if the relevant Prohibited Conduct had occurred, whether or not the Prohibited Conduct actually occurred as a result of the attempt or agreement to act.
  3. If a Relevant Person knowingly assists or is a party to ‘covering up’ Prohibited Conduct, that Relevant Person will be treated as having engaged in the Prohibited Conduct personally.
  4. Nothing in this section 3 prevents the Board from enforcing any other Rules and Regulations or referring any Prohibited Conduct to a relevant law enforcement agency.

The Sport should also ensure all Relevant Persons are aware of the criminal offences relating to Match-Fixing, which may carry up to a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment. For the relevant criminal legislation in each state and territory, visit the National Integrity of Sport Unit.