Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

LIFE Communications

Page last updated: January 2014

1. Project Profile

Project Name(s)LIFE Communications
Funded OrganisationCrisis Support Services Inc.
Geographical AreaNational
LIFE Action Areas
  • Improving the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention
  • Taking a coordinated approach to suicide prevention
  • Providing targeted suicide prevention activities
Target Groups
  • Workforce

2. Project Description

Crisis Support Services was funded under the NSPP with the intention of:
  • Facilitating the sharing of learnings about suicide prevention from NSPS-funded projects and other evidence-based initiatives in the field of prevention
  • Managing the LIFE: National Suicide Prevention website and associated activities and resources
  • Ensuring the availability and dissemination of resources arising from NSPS activities to agencies working in the suicide prevention field
  • Undertaking promotional and marketing activities in relation to the NSPS, including the website and resources
The aim of the "LIFE Communications" project is to improve the effectiveness of suicide and self-harm prevention activities in Australia by providing access to the latest information and shared learnings from the NSPS and other projects in prevention, intervention and postvention. In particular, the project aims to promote the LIFE suite of resources to stakeholders.

3. Activities

The core activities, in relate to the LIFE resources are:
  • Promoting access to print and electronic versions of LIFE resources
  • Maintaining online versions of resources with up to date statistics and relevant information
  • Acting as gatekeepers to the LIFE resources and responding to public enquiries
  • Working with key stakeholders in all areas of suicide prevention, particularly those working in areas targeting identified at-risk groups, to promote the LIFE resources through their communication channels Top of page
Other core activities include:
  • Information, Activities and Resources in Suicide Prevention
    • Attending stakeholder conferences to host trade displays; maintaining, hosting and updating content of livingisforeveryone.com.au website
    • Maintaining, hosting and updating content and functionality of livingisforeveryone.com.au website
    • Coordination of live chats, discussion forums, conference calendar, contributor reviews, online alerts, online help, LIFE news, clearinghouse function, project pages and external links.
    • Development and dissemination of e-alerts to keep stakeholders informed of important and timely developments
    • Supporting evaluation and planning of suicide prevention projects by providing relevant resources via the website
    • Identifying and profiling innovative evidence-based suicide prevention programs or people through the LIFE website and LIFE news
    • Publishing relevant reports, literature reviews and evaluations commissioned by the Department on the LIFE website in consultation with content working group
    • Implementation of a range of marketing activities to promote the website
  • Stakeholder Contributions
    • Facilitation of meaningful interaction opportunities for people who opportunities for people who work in suicide prevention through online discussion forum, live chats, workshops, conferences, LIFE news, project profiles and trade displays
    • Encouragement of stakeholders to network, share resources and provide peer support
    • Encouragement of review and debate of research and resources via professional development network.
  • Communication Channels
    • Coordination of the development of additional features for the website, including secure extranet for use by ASPAC members. Extranet to include a secure discussion forum for Council members and provision of a facility to download relevant documents relating to ASPAC business including minutes and agenda papers
    • Promotion of the role and activities of ASPAC
      Inclusion of relevant Ministerial and departmental announcements and information through the LIFE website, LIFE News, events and e-alerts
The LIFE Communications project team no longer host events to provide stakeholders with a vehicle to contribute their learnings and draw on each other's s expertise. In 2008, a Professional Development Forum was hosted by LIFE Communications called 'Putting LiFE into Practice' and in 2010 professional development workshops were held in all capital cities to introduce a model of evaluation for suicide prevention projects. While these activities have not been continued past these years, as per the contracts, other core activities have remained. Top of page

4. Funding

  • Round 1
    • NSPP funding
      • 2006/07 - $225,000
      • 2007/08 - $481,364
      • 2008/09 - $711,409
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 2
    • NSPP funding
      • 2009/10 - $425,990
      • 2010/11 - $573,045
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 3
    • NSPP funding
      • 2011/12 - $621,617
      • 2012/13 - $414,412
    • % project funding - 100%

5. Staffing

  • Round 1 (2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3.6
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 3.6
  • Round 2 (2009/10, 2010/11)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 3
  • Round 3 (2011/12, 2012/13)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 2.4
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 2.4