Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

National Suicide Call Back Service

Page last updated: January 2014

1. Project Profile

Project Name(s)National Suicide Call Back Service
Funded OrganisationCrisis Support Services Inc
Geographical AreaNational
LIFE Action Areas
  • Building individual resilience and the capacity for self-help
  • Providing targeted suicide prevention activities
  • Implementing standards and quality in suicide prevention
Target Groups
  • People bereaved by suicide
  • People who have previously attempted suicide
  • People who have self harmed
  • Whole of community
  • Workforce

2. Project Description

The purpose of the project is to provide a counselling, referral and information service and support for callers with a range of suicide risk factors. The Suicide Call Back Service (SCBS) provides a safety net for people at risk of suicide, those bereaved by suicide and those who are caring for someone at risk of suicide to ensure that required supports are accessed. In addition, the SCBS provides a vehicle for health professionals to seek advice, information and support in dealing with suicidal clients. The service has a key role to play in raising awareness of the services available to people at risk, those who are caring for someone at risk, and people bereaved by suicide.

For the cost of a local call, the SCBS operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The SCBS provides crisis support, information and referral to people affected by suicide including people at risk, their carers, the bereaved, and professionals supporting someone at risk of suicide. Clients may receive up to six 50-minute call-back counselling sessions, to manage suicide-related issues. Professionals are eligible for up to two call-backs to receive debriefing and support in working with their clients.

3. Activities

The National Suicide Call Back Service undertakes the following key activities:
  • Open Line: National, 24-hours, 7 days a week. The Open Line service is open to those at risk of suicide, bereaved by suicide, and those caring for someone who is suicidal.
  • Call-Back Service: For those callers assessed as eligible and who are not linked in with other professional support, the SCBS provides a call back service that provides up to six 50 minute call-back counselling sessions for up to six months. The Call Back Service operates for 30 hours, across five days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday) from 2pm – 8:30pm EST. Hours are extended to accommodate clients in different time zones as needed.
  • Health care service provider referral and networking: This services allows health care providers to refer at-risk clients; seek professional advice, information and support in dealing with suicidal clients and access debriefing and self-care.
  • Online Services and Website: The SCBS also provides a website that provides information and a moderated Support Forum for carers and bereaved. The e-therapy module assists carers in developing coping strategies and practicing self-care. Top of page

4. Funding

  • Round 1
    • NSPP funding
      • 2006/07 - $261,302
      • 2007/08 - $246,240
      • 2008/09 - $252,4458
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 2
    • NSPP funding
      • 2009/10 - $634,545
      • 2010/11 - $463,079
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 3
    • NSPP funding
      • 2011/12 - $848,928
      • 2012/13 - $761,671
    • % project funding - 96%

5. Staffing

  • Round 1 (2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3.6
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 3.6
  • Round 2 (2009/10, 2010/11)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 5.6
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 5.2
  • Round 3 (2011/12, 2012/13)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 8.4
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 7.8