Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

5.3 Service delivery mechanisms

Page last updated: January 2014

Multiple service delivery mechanisms were used by most projects. Approximately 20 projects reported that they conducted some one-on-one activities with clients as one element of their services. This ranged from counselling (phone, face-to-face), case management and practical support, to the identification and referral of people at risk (without specific counselling intervention).

The scale of individual and/or group activities could not be quantified from the pre-existing data/documentation. Accordingly, an analysis of the number of one-on-one clients or the proportion of time one-on-one interventions constituted of all projects was not available. Activity-based information for the period October 2012 to March 2013 obtained from the MDS is presented in Chapter 6.

At the August 2012 consultation workshops, project representatives indicated that group activities often resulted in one-on-one interaction/follow-up with individual participants at a later date. This additional service delivery was seldom reported as part of the individual level activity submitted by projects as part of their standard DoHA reports. Furthermore, other initiatives that are outside the scope of this project profile, such as the ATAPS service initiative, are also involved in individual service provision. These combined factors suggest that the scale of one-on-one activities supported by NSPP funding may be understated and that the 20 projects cited above is an underestimation.