Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Service

Page last updated: January 2014

1. Project Profile

Project Name(s)Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Service
Funded OrganisationUniting Church Australia – Lifeline Newcastle and Hunter
Geographical AreaLocal
State/TerritoryNew South Wales
Approach(es)Selected and Indicated
Individual/GroupIndividual and Group
LIFE Action Areas
  • Improving the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention
  • Building individual resilience and the capacity for self-help
  • Improving community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention
  • Taking a coordinated approach to suicide prevention
  • Providing targeted suicide prevention activities
  • Implementing standards and quality in suicide prevention
Target Groups
  • People bereaved by suicide
  • Men
  • People who have previously attempted suicide
  • People who have self harmed
  • Rural and remote communities
  • Older people
  • Whole of community
  • Workforce

2. Project Description

The project offers a holistic suicide prevention service covering Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter and targets adults, high-risk groups, identified persons at risk of suicide, community organisations, and mental health professionals. The project comprises three streams: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention.

3. Activities

The activities undertaken across the three streams are as follows:

Prevention: Includes life promotion activities that build resilience and overcome social isolation. The prevention arm of the project has two focus areas – the first is to empower individuals across a wide range of issues through educational programs. These programs include: interpersonal communication skills; building personal resilience; enhancing public awareness of suicide through suicide awareness presentations called LivingWorks ASIST and safeTALK.

Intervention: Offers life protection for those who have suicidal ideation, self-harm or have attempted suicide. The services include:

  • A 24 hour telephone counselling service
  • LivingWorks ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) two day workshops
  • Life Matters Intervention program including: intensive support for people at risk of suicide for up to three months with minimal waiting time; and confidential weekly face to face counselling and the offer of a telephone “buddy” who is available to call clients up to three times a week
  • Working collaboratively with other agencies to raise community awareness and action re suicide intervention.
Postvention: Offers support to those people who have been bereaved by suicide. It provides a safe and understanding space to assist clients with the grief and healing process. The education course and support groups provide a sense of connectedness to others sharing a similar loss. The services include:
  • Support after suicide education course
  • Grief support group
  • Face to face counselling
  • Care calls to family and friends of those bereaved by suicide
  • Annual observance service Top of page

4. Funding

  • Round 1
    • NSPP funding
      • 2006/07 - $238,008
      • 2007/08 - $233,280
      • 2008/09 - $239,171
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 2
    • NSPP funding
      • 2009/10 - $259,704
      • 2010/11 - $270,296
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 3
    • NSPP funding
      • 2011/12 - $275,000
      • 2012/13 - $280,000
    • % project funding - 100%

5. Staffing

  • Round 1 (2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 1.5
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 1.5
  • Round 2 (2009/10, 2010/11)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3.4
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 3.4
  • Round 3 (2011/12, 2012/13)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 2.2