Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

1.2 Objectives of the evaluation

Page last updated: January 2014

The Evaluation analysed NSPP/TATS-funded project activities from 2006 to 2013 and had two broad objectives:

  • Evaluate existing activity under the NSPP and new activities funded under the 2010 TATS package, in order to determine appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of these activities within the broader policy context
  • Inform the evidence base for future policy direction and implementation of suicide prevention activity and to create and put in place a comprehensive evaluation framework for ongoing use.
This final report presents:
  • Introduction (Chapter 2), background and policy context (Chapter 3) and details of the evaluation methods adopted (Chapter 4)
  • Profile of the in-scope NSPP/TATS-funded projects (Chapter 5 and Appendix A), plus a snapshot of project activities over the six months to March 2013 (Chapter 6)
  • Findings in relation to the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the specified projects (Chapters 7 to 10)
  • The policy context for the NSPP and findings relating to the alignment and integration of the NSPP with other suicide prevention efforts underway in Australia (Chapter 11)
  • Suggestions to improve outcome measurement of suicide prevention activities (Chapter 12) and an overall summary of findings, suggested improvements and conclusions (Chapter 13).
Chapters 5 to 11 each conclude with a summary of findings.