Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

Suicide Story Train the Trainer

Page last updated: January 2014

1. Project Profile

Project Name(s)Suicide Story Train the Trainer
Funded OrganisationMental Health Association of Central Australia (MHACA)
Geographical AreaState-wide
State/TerritoryNorthern Territory
LIFE Action Areas
  • Improving the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention
  • Building individual resilience and the capacity for self-help
  • Improving community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention
  • Implementing standards and quality in suicide prevention.
Target Groups
  • Indigenous populations
  • Rural and remote communities
  • Whole of community

2. Project Description

In response to the increasing prevalence of suicide and self harming behaviour in Central Australia, the Life Promotion Program was established in 1998 and is currently located at MHACA in Alice Springs. The key aim of the Life Promotion Program is to reduce suicide and suicidal behaviour in the Central Australian region by establishing collaborative partnerships with relevant stakeholders; providing community education and training in prevention; and carrying out an interagency response following a completed suicide. Through a community development and action research approach, the Life Promotion Program developed the localised Indigenous-specific training resource 'Suicide Story'.

The training resource consists of a DVD that covers nine issues relevant to Indigenous suicide by incorporating film, animation, artwork, music and interviews. The aim of this training resource is to provide a culturally sensitive approach to increase understanding about suicide, improve the skills to work with people at risk, and build a sense of hope for Central Australian Aboriginal communities. The DVD was not intended to be a standalone resource. For the program to be a comprehensive training resource required: trainers, a training manual, interactive tools to accompany the DVD, a trial period and dissemination strategy.

The Life Promotion Program received funding under the NSPP to support the roll out of eight suicide prevention trainee workshops, two Train the Trainer workshops and the development of a training manual.

3. Activities

Activities undertaken include:
  • Finalising the DVD training resource
  • Developing the Train the Trainer Program including manual and materials
  • Developing posters for remote community health clinics and Shire Offices
  • Delivering the Train the Trainer Program in nominated communities in Alice Springs, Darwin, Katherine and Western Australia
  • Working with remote community health clinics regarding assisting in community suicide prevention Top of page

4. Funding

  • Round 1
    • NSPP funding
      • 2006/07 - not applicable
      • 2007/08 - not applicable
      • 2008/09 - not applicable
    • % project funding - not applicable
  • Round 2
    • NSPP funding
      • 2009/10 - $57,553
      • 2010/11 - $200,220
    • % project funding - data not supplied
  • Round 3
    • NSPP funding
      • 2011/12 - $203,824
      • 2012/13 - $207,493
    • % project funding - 50%

5. Staffing

  • Round 1 (2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - not applicable
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - not applicable
  • Round 2 (2009/10, 2010/11)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - data not supplied
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - data not supplied
  • Round 3 (2011/12, 2012/13)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 1.5
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 1.5