Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

4.6 Stakeholder consultations

Page last updated: January 2014

Stakeholder consultations were conducted with the organisations/ representatives listed in Table 4-2. The consultations involved semi-structured interviews held either by phone or face-to-face, to explore questions relating to efficiency and policy alignment. In additional, several written submissions were received addressing the same questions. Consultations were not undertaken with service users as this was not within the scope of this evaluation.

Consultations were also undertaken with representatives from the DoHA Central Office (CO) and State and Territory Offices (STO) responsible for administering NSPP-funded project activities (referred to as DoHA STO/CO representatives).

Table 4-2: Stakeholder consultations

For accessibility reasons, table 4-2 is presented as text in this document. It is a table in the original PDF version.

Peak bodies

  • Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia - telephone
  • beyondblue - telephone
  • Council on the Ageing - telephone
  • Mental Health Commission - telephone
  • Mental Health Council of Australia - written submission
  • National LGBTI Health Alliance - telephone
  • Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) - written submission
  • SANE Australia - telephone
  • Suicide Prevention Australia - telephone

Suicide prevention expert stakeholders

  • Associate Professor Virginia Lewis - telephone
  • Professor Jane Pirkis - telephone
  • Professor Greg Carter - telephone
  • Professor Diego De Leo - telephone
  • Professor Graham Martinn - written submission
  • Professor Ian Webster - written submission
  • Professor Helen Christensen - telephone

State/territory government suicide prevention representatives

  • Australian Capital Territory - telephone
  • New South Wales - desktop policy review
  • Northern Territory - telephone
  • Queensland - telephone
  • South Australia - telephone
  • Tasmania - telephone
  • Victoria - face-to-face
  • Western Australia - telephone