Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

3.2 Policy milestones

Page last updated: January 2014

The following sections outline the key developments in Australia's national approach to suicide prevention. An overview of dates and milestones is provided in Table 3-1 and details of key developments are discussed in chronological order in the sections that follow.

Table 3-1: Milestones in suicide prevention policy

1995National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NYSPS) introduced
2000National Suicide Prevention Strategy (NSPS) introduced
LIFE Framework produced
2006National Suicide Prevention Program (NSPP) commenced
2007LIFE Framework updated, and suite of resources released
2008Australian Suicide Prevention Advisory Council (ASPAC) established and first NSPS Action Framework (2009-10 to 2010-11) developed
2010Senate Community Affairs References Committee Inquiry into Suicide in Australia conducted and report released (The Hidden Toll: Suicide in Australia)
Announcement of Taking Action to Tackle Suicide (TATS) package
Continuation and expansion of the ASPAC
2011Announcement of Delivering Mental Health Reform budget package
2012Formation of the National Mental Health Commission and delivery of A Contributing Life: the 2012 Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Release of the Roadmap for National Mental Health Reform 2012-2022
Development of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Strategy
Each of these key developments is summarised in the following sections.