Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

5.10 Collaboration

Page last updated: January 2014

Project representatives reported high levels of collaborative working with other organisations that conducted suicide prevention activities in their area/region, with 92% indicating that they engaged in such collaborations (see table 5-10).

Further details about the range and nature of these collaborations are provided below.

5.10.1 Range of collaborating organisations

For those projects that worked collaboratively with other organisations, a diverse range of partner organisations were listed, including:
  • Mental health and suicide prevention peak bodies (including consumer groups)
  • Suicide prevention service providers (including crisis lines, counselling services, bereavement services
  • Police and emergency services
  • Healthcare organisations (including hospitals, mental health services, community health services, Medicare Locals, Divisions of General Practice (now Medicare Locals) and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations)
  • Courts, prisons and other law/justice agencies
  • Research organisations
  • Schools
  • Corporate industries
  • Welfare services and job network agencies
  • Local, state and federal governments.
A number of organisations indicated that they collaborated with other NSPP-funded projects.

5.10.2 Nature of collaboration

For those projects who reported collaborating with other organisations, collaboration was undertaken for the following purposes:
  • Joint provision of training or other activities
  • Increase referral or access to appropriate services
  • Resource sharing, communication and capacity building
  • Participation on working groups or advisory panels
  • Community awareness-raising about service availability or about suicide prevention more generally
  • Data collection, evaluation or research.

    Table 5-10: Level of collaboration with other organisations

    Have you worked collaboratively with any organisations conducting suicide prevention activities in your area/region?

    Note: Information not available for one project.