Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

4.1 Background and data sources

Page last updated: January 2014

This report was preceded by a Mid-term Assessment Report and Interim Analysis Report. In order to obtain the information required for the desktop review, DoHA requested that all 49 projects (see Appendix A) provide DoHA with copies of appropriate project documentation/data related to their NSPP-funded activities conducted during the period 2006-11. This was to include funding agreements, progress reports, final reports, internal evaluations and external evaluation reports, if applicable.29 The documentation/data was then forwarded by DoHA to AHA for analysis. The information provided is summarised in Table 4-1.

In June 2013, DoHA provided updated financial data for each project showing payments by the Department in each financial year, taking into consideration project underspends and contract variations. This updated data provided the basis for all financial analysis presented in this Final Report.

This Report builds on the Mid-term Assessment Report and Interim Analysis Report, and incorporates a range of additional data sources, including:

  • Project documentation/data from July to December 2012
  • Project survey
  • Minimum data set
  • Stage 2 Literature Review
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Desktop review of ATAPS Suicide Prevention service initiative and MindMatters initiative evaluations.

29 Not all projects were required to undergo an external evaluation under the terms of their funding agreements.