Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

3.10 State/territory level suicide prevention policies

Page last updated: January 2014

A range of suicide prevention policies exist at state/territory level. As indicated in Table 3-3, these are aligned with the LIFE Framework, although the priorities for action and the operationalisation of the strategies vary between jurisdictions.

Table 3-3: State/territory level suicide prevention policies

NSWNSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2015Aligned with LIFE Framework.
QldQueensland Government Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2010This document is still in development. The existing policy (Queensland Government Suicide Prevention Strategy 2003-2008) references the previous (2000) version of the LIFE Framework.
WAWA State Suicide Prevention Strategy 2009-2013Aligned with LIFE Framework.
SASA Suicide Prevention Strategy 2012-2016: Every life is worth livingAligned with LIFE Framework. Also includes priority focus on issues affecting regional South Australians and targeted postvention activities.
VicMental Health Reform Strategy 2009-2019: Because mental health mattersThis document states that Victoria's Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2006 will be renewed and updated with reference to the LIFE Framework.
TasTasmania's Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014: A strategic framework and action planLists five key action areas that are broadly aligned with the LIFE Framework and other relevant state-level policies. There is a strong focus on primary prevention and community involvement.
NTNT Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2009-2011Lists six key action areas, which although differently worded, are similar in intent to those of the LIFE Framework. One action area specifically relates to partnerships with Indigenous people. The roles of various government departments in addressing goals are described.
ACTManaging the Risk of Suicide: A suicide prevention strategy for the ACT 2009-2014Comprises 56 activities to be implemented by 22 agencies, aligned under the LIFE Action Areas.