Evaluation of suicide prevention activities

CALD Community Connections

Page last updated: January 2014

1. Project Profile

Project Name(s)CALD Community Connections
(previously known as Phoenix Centre Suicide Prevention Project)
Funded OrganisationMigrant Resource Centre
Geographical AreaState-wide
Individual/GroupIndividual and Group
LIFE Action Areas
  • Building individual resilience and the capacity for self-help
  • Improving community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention
  • Taking a coordinated approach to suicide prevention
  • Implementing standards and quality in suicide prevention
Target Groups
  • CALD communities
  • Refugee communities

2. Project Description

The aim of the CALD Community Connections project is to reduce suicide risk and increase the capacity to respond to suicide crises within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities and CALD individuals.

3. Activities

To achieve the project aims, the project undertakes the following key activities:
  • Partnering with key organisations e.g. suicide related organisations and CALD organisations, to:
    • strengthen service providers' knowledge of CALD communities' perspectives on suicide and strategies to reduce/prevent suicide in their communities
    • build CALD communities' knowledge of service providers' perspectives on suicide and strategies to reduce/prevent suicide in the community and the available resources
    • increase service providers' targeting of their services to CALD communities
    • increase opportunities for service providers and CALD communities to work together on suicide issues
  • Working with service providers and suicide crisis/emergency services, to improve their knowledge and understanding of different culturally based expressions/behaviours that may be exhibited by people from CALD backgrounds in order to ensure appropriate, adequate and timely treatment
  • Strengthening relationships with service providers via meetings, to share information on referral processes, project findings, and insights re effective strategies to address suicide risk in CALD communities
  • Increasing capacity of CALD communities to respond to suicide issues/crises in their communities by supporting people from CALD communities and bicultural workers to increase their knowledge and understanding of suicidality and of suicide reduction strategies
  • Identifying at-risk individuals e.g. through project activities, by working with service providers
  • Assessing at risk individuals referred by other service providers, community members or self referrals
  • Referring people identified as at-risk to appropriate service providers. Top of page

4. Funding

  • Round 1
    • NSPP funding
      • 2006/07 - not applicable
      • 2007/08 - not applicable
      • 2008/09 - not applicable
    • % project funding - not applicable
  • Round 2
    • NSPP funding
      • 2009/10 - $299,864
      • 2010/11 - $179,918
    • % project funding - 100%
  • Round 3
    • NSPP funding
      • 2011/12 - $244,209
      • 2012/13 - $248,605
    • % project funding - 100%

5. Staffing

  • Round 1 (2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - not applicable
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - not applicable
  • Round 2 (2009/10, 2010/11)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 3
  • Round 3 (2011/12, 2012/13)
    • Number staff positions funded (FTE) - 3
    • Number staff positions filled (FTE) - 3